Lance's Journal: Mt. Crescent Ski Area, Jan. 20, 2014

When most Nebraskans think of skiing, they think Colorado. But for Nebraskans in the eastern part of the state, there's been an option just on the other side of the Missouri River for more than 50 years.

With the Omaha skyline on the horizon, Victor Berkland loves spending time at Mt. Crescent, "It's certainly big enough for me to have a lot of fun. It's steep enough you can get plenty of speed going. It's really good."

Julie Schram enjoys the 10 minute drive from Omaha, "Colorado is a long ways away, Mt.Crescent is fun, you can come up here for a couple of hours and have a good time and bring your kids and have some exercise and that's good."

Mt. Crescent's 300 feet of vertical impresses people once they see it in person.

Korby Fleischer has owned Mt. Crescent for the past 5 years and he says it's hard to compare anything to Colorado, "We have 300 feet of vertical which is 95% of all ski areas in the Midwest are smaller than us so compared to that we're pretty good sized."

Chris Andrew is the Director of the Ski & Snowboard School, "We have an amazing staff of instructors that help facilitate the learning for anybody that's looking to get into the sport."

And beginners only pay 5 dollars to join a half hour introductory class.

They pride themselves here at Mt. Crescent on their extremely accurate weather forecasts. Because when they say there's going to be a 100% chance of snow...they're always right. Chris says, "That is possible through our high-tech snow making machines. We have dedicated snow makers that will work around the clock to make sure that that man made snow is covered on our slopes."

There's still a couple more good months of skiing across the river. After opening in early December, Mt. Crescent uses stays open until late March.

Mt. Crescent is open Wednesday thru Sunday and because there are lights on the slopes, they're open most nights til 9 or 10 pm.