Lance's Journal: Painting the Legacy of Nebraska, Nov. 26

Todd Williams was born and raised in the great state of Nebraska, and he says he's always been inspired by the awesome sunsets of his childhood.

After graduating from Central City High School in 1985, Todd went on to study at the Kansas City Art Institute and from there his talents took him literally all around the world.

In fact, Todd's inspiration for his current Nebraska project was first realized in Vienna and Prague back in 2005, "I actually taught a workshop in Prague and so while I was there I thought it would be really great to document my journey through both cities and so I ended up doing a total of 50 paintings."

That European painting experience was so gratifying that Todd started dreaming when he came back to America, "About a year ago, I was traveling in Nebraska coming to celebrate my Mom's birthday and I just got to thinking, I have a lot of love and a lot of pride for my home state of Nebraska."

Todd's goal is to paint one or more masterful paintings in each of Nebraska's 93 counties, "It's a beautiful state. There's a lot of diversity in it's landscape and I'm really excited about traveling to these different areas."

Todd loves the Cornhusker State and he's quite certain why that is, "Without a doubt, it's the people. Everybody's just friendly. And that's part of the joy I'm really looking forward to is when I'm out and in the northern parts of Nebraska. Just visiting with some of the people and hopefully building some relationships."

Todd's hope is that he will have completed this project in time to coincide with the state of Nebraska's 150th anniversary in 2017.

The finished collection of paintings will be displayed in each county and also via exhibition in art galleries and museums throughout the state of Nebraska.