Lance's Journal: Parishioners Help Build Church, Jan. 6, 2014

Long-time parishioners at St. Patrick Church in Havelock got some devastating news. Two and a half years ago, structural engineers told them that their 105 year old church was literally crumbling down around them.

What St. Patricks's did was start a capital campaign to raise money for a new church to be built in their current parking lot.

While Father Troy Schweiger was meeting with families about the things they wanted to see in the new church, he found out that more than anything else, they wanted to help build the church with their own hands...from scratch.

Father Schweiger says, "It's been humbling, inspiring, amazing, beautiful, touching, I could continue on with the adjectives, it's just been amazing."

Father Schweiger is an avid woodworker, "When the idea first came into my head I thought, 'I'm crazy, this is insane, this project would be so immense there would be no way we could do it. Over the course of 3 or 4 months, God kept taking away those excuses."

Everything, including 34 giant Burr Oak trees, just fell into place, "To find the facility that we did, it was by total grace."

This enormous undertaking got underway in October of 2012.

Father Schweiger estimates that this project is saving the church about $150,000.

And they plan on having them all done by the time the new church opens in spring of 2015.