Lance's Journal: Round-Abouts is All About Taste, Jan. 9

Nate Kellison had been wanting to break into the restaurant business for years.

Then one night three years ago, this 1999 Lincoln Southeast High School grad and his mom were having dinner together.

A brainstorming session led back to the 80's of one of the tastiest treats Nate could remember.

The pieces fell into place, and Round-Abouts was established in the fall of 2011.

Nate says, "We started out with a product that kinda looked like Hot Pockets. They tasted good, but we didn't want them to look like somebody else's product. My wife had suggested that we make them round so they don't look like another product.

They ended up with a product they call a round.

"The name of Round-Abouts came about because we named them rounds and we thought it would be good to have the name of the restaurant kind of go along with the product," explains Nate.

Round-Abouts offers 12 savory flavors, but the one that got it all started is the reuben. And it tastes a lot like the reuben roll Nate so fondly remembers.

Nate's mother Bev explains, "It was a recipe I had found about 35 years ago or longer on the back of a flour sack."

Bev admits that their very first business venture presented some very real challenges, "We've learned a tremendous amount, I've said that this first year was like our Harvard business education that we never had because we have learned a lot."

Round-Abouts in located at 70th & A Streets in Lincoln and the Kellisons say most of their business over the past 16 months has been eat-in and catering.

But they now have a new offering for Round-Abouts fans. They call it take and bake. Customers order ahead, then they can come in and pick up their 6-pack of pot pies, go home and bake them at their leisure.