Lance's Journal: STREB Extreme Action, Apr. 11, 2014

The STREB Extreme Action Company is made up of a group of fearless dancers that's based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Since Elizabeth Streb founded this extreme action group back in 1985, they have been touring the world. And Friday night, they're bound to have a capacity crowd on the edge of their Lied Center seats.

Fabio Tavares Da Silva thrills audiences for a living, The one common question we get all the time is, 'Does that hurt?' Mostly it's people saying, 'I've never seen anything like that, thank you so much, this is extremely inspiring, I got sore from watching, I was sweating on my seat.' I say it's not dance, it's not theatre, it's not circus, it's not extreme sports and yet, it combines all of that."

Fabio and his fellow dancers have an appetite for danger, "We're thrill seekers. I think we were essentially just bored as either dancers or actors or gymnasts. We wanted to take it up to the next level and that's what STREB does."