Lance's Journal: Santa's Overflow, Dec. 16, 2013

Santa visited Bennet, Nebraska a little bit early this year. This past weekend, many families in need were treated to some pre-Christmas gift giving in this small town just southeast of Lincoln.

In 2010, Lillie Chambers from Bennet woman started a year-round grocery giving effort called "Mom's Food Pantry" to help people in and around Bennet.

That same year, she led the charge in creating a community-wide gift giving celebration called "Santa's Overflow."

Lillie says many people donate new and lightly used items, "Oh my gosh, it's awesome. The community is amazing. All these people here volunteer every single year, they've done an awesome job and this could never happen without the people of Bennet, Lincoln, my friends, my co-workers, my family, it's amazing."

Natalie Foulk is proud of what her little sister got started, "It's wonderful. Last year a lady came up to me and she's like, "Whoever does this tell her thank you so much, I need this.' She was from a women's shelter it was just phenomenal to hear that and to hear about your sister."

That sister is a national guardsman born with a great passion to assist her fellow man, "I guess that's just how I grew up is you treat others as you want to be treated and I know if I was in a hard spot I would want somebody there that would help me."

"Santa's Overflow" is full of new and lightly used merchandise that isn't just's design, Lillie says, "The whole point of this is to help people out and to breath a little easier and to just come in no stress, no pinching the pennies, nothing like that, just come in take what you need."

Lillie plans on organized the 4th annual "Santa's Overflow" in mid-December of next year and you can find out exactly when it will take place by going to her facebook page... "Santa's Overflow."