Lance's Journal: St. Mary's School Serenades Veterans, Mar. 24, 2014

For veterans of what is commonly known as "The Forgotten War"...Tuesday is bound to be a very memorable day.

460 brave men will be aboard 3 charter planes in the morning to visit the Korean War Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Monday night in Omaha hotel, 6th, 7th & 8th graders from St. Mary's School in Lincoln performed in front of a ballroom full of Korean War veterans at their pre-honor flight dinner.

Sara Kholousi is a St. Mary's 8th grader that appreciates the opportunity to perform for the veterans, "It's really exciting and it's an honor too. It's exciting that we get to thank the veterans for all that they've done for us."

Hayden Russel is also an 8th grader and he has learned all about sacrifice, "They sacrificed everything for us, they risked everything cause they didn't know that they were going to come back alright. And they did. We get to go to Omaha and meet all these veterans and shake their hands and give them our art work and poems that we did. Because we should respect the veterans."

Honor flight organizers Bill and Evonne Williams handpicked these students for Monday's pre-flight dinner. Evonne told the students, "It's wonderful, this has been a very special part of it for us to enhance the 2-day event for the veterans, they are going to love it."

In addition to reciting the pledge of allegiance, St. Mary's students will also give the veterans hand-written letters.

Home room teacher Scott Bendler gets goose bumps just thinking about this opportunity, "When you see the kids get the attention, they can show and demonstrate they're really bright, they know what they're talking about, so I'm just thrilled for these guys to have to have this opportunity because it's once in a lifetime."

10/11's Bridget Fargen will have a front row seat for this historic flight and she will file two reports. One on Thursday after the NCAA basketball games and the second story will air Sunday after the games.