Lance's Journal: Starting Out Raw, Apr. 4, 2014

Debbie Thurber struggled with bulimia and digestive problems while growing up in southern California.

At the age of 19, she left home and joined the Army, that's where she met her husband Marty.

In 2006, Debbie and her family were living in Fargo, North Dakota. That's where Debbie got the news that would rock her world, "It was shocking. It was June of 2006, I was told I had breast cancer and I had my surgery in July and that was the beginning of my health journey."

Debbie had a lumpectomy, radiation and a life-changing revelation, "The day I was diagnosed I actually decided I would be vegan and never eat another animal product again. I had been a vegetarian, but a very unhealthy I would say from what I know now."

Debbie says she made a vow to herself, "I was determined to do as much research as I could to find out how to prevent it from coming back."

All of that research led to Debbie's very own youtube series called "Starting Out Raw." Co-hosting the show is Debbie's daughter Kristy.

The show is the brainchild of Debbie's son Michael, "We eventually figured out how to do it and we're doing it every week and it's been going well."

So well in fact that thousands of raw food eaters from all around the world tune in weekly to see what tasty treats Debbie and Kristy have planned for them. Michael says, "It took us a few months to start getting people to interact and comment and our views are now up in the tens of thousands and we have over a thousand subscribers."

"Starting Out Raw" has had nearly 50,000 youtube views over the past year.

Debbie's says that her raw food diet completely changed her life, "The first thing I really noticed for me was the clarity of my mind. I could not believe the difference. I had no more of those foggy brain days like I used to have. My migrains completely gone."

This 58 year old has never had more energy in her life, "I can do way more today than I ever did in my 20's so I give all the credit to the way I eat today."