Lance's Journal: Terry Rush Is Retiring After 35 Years, May 16, 2014

Terry Rush started teaching music at Pius X High School in the fall of 1979.

After 5 years at Pius, he spent a quarter of a century at Lincoln High School and the past 5 years at Lincoln Southwest High School.

Next Thursday, Terry will bid a fond farewell to a very impressive 35 year teaching career.

Back in the early 60's, a lot of the other kids were listening to rock 'n roll and bands, but not Terry, "I was hooked on Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey, people like that. And that's what got me into the trombone. I pretty much stuck with the trombone since then."

Terry was in fifth grade at Havelock Grade School when he got his first trombone. He honed his skills at Lincoln Northeast High School and then went on to study music at UNL, "The more I got involved with the music department there at the university, the more the flame grew."

And one man that helped fan those flames was Professor Vernon Forbes, "Terry has gone way beyond and above what I ever expect for one of my students. You know the things that he's done, the things that he's been successful at have really been highly unusual."

Terry graduated from UNL in 1975. But before he began teaching, he played in the back up bands of a lot of well known Las Vegas type stars that traveled through the Midwest, "It was mostly single acts like Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Jerry Lewis, Liberache, Mel Torme. Just people like that that I've been fortunate enough to work with."

It seems as though Terry spent most of the 1970's with a trombone in his hands, "I joined the Lincoln Municipal Band, I think it was 1972. I've been soloist and principal trombonist in that organization and now co-director."

In the fall of 1975, Terry started his career with the Lincoln Symphony, "I'm still with both of those organizations."

He shared his love of music with thousands of teenagers over the past 35 years, "The thrill of teaching is seeing the growth in the kids. The travels that I've done with the kids over Asia and Europe and such like that, it's been a great run and i can look back and hopefully did it right."