Lance's Journal: The Art Surgeon Operates In Omaha, July 18, 2014

The Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center was established in 1996 and it sits near the birthplace of the only Nebraska born U.S. President.

The Ford Center is where people and museums can send their works of art and historic objects for treatment.

Kenneth Be is the head of painting conservation at the Ford Center and it's safe to say, he loves his job, "I feel very fortunate because I get to see a whole host of problems to me."

For Kenneth, the worse it looks the greater the challenge, "I see paintings that are torn ripped, flaking, water damaged, mold damaged, fire damaged, discovered from dirt, nicotine and discolored varnish."

Kenneth revels in restoration, "I get to see some pretty cool works of art come in from the museum collections."

Paintings aren't the only things that receive a new lease on life at the Ford Center, "I work with four colleagues that work with objects. Objects would be everything else in 3 dimension such as decorative arts and sculptor."

Whether it's a painting or a 3-D object, Kenneth has the answers to your conservation questions, "We're based here in Omaha for that expressed purpose of helping out individuals and small historical societies across the whole state."

If you have something you'd like to chat with Kenneth about, call him at 402-595-1180.