Lance's Journal: The Bugeater Challenge, May 12, 2014

Brett baker grew up in Malcolm, Nebraska... lovin' the Huskers.

In the mid- 90's, the Air Force sent Brett to San Antonio, Texas and that's where he raised his daughter Jessica as a Cornhusker.

Two years ago, Jessica decided to attend UNL and Brett decided to join her in the heart of Husker Nation.

Last summer, Brett was hit with a crazy idea, "I just got the idea that it'd be cool to see every sport that the Huskers play, not just the easy ones, the footballs, the basketballs, the baseballs, the ones where there are thousands of seats there, thousands of people there."

And the bonus was, his daughter Jessica decided to join in the journey.

Brett adds, "How many people can say they've gone and seen every single Husker sport let alone in the same year?"

It all got started way back in August at a Nebraska soccer match, Brett & Jessica's excellent Husker adventure was underway."

Twenty events, and 8 months later, the Baker's completed The Bugeater Challenge at a baseball game against Penn State.

Jessica says, "Coming into tonight was really cool. I have friends back home that read the blog and all of them are, 'It's the last one?' Yea, it is. We did it and it's just one of those triumphant moments."

Brett was relieved, "I always wanted it to be something that we can say, 'Hey, do you remember when?' Instead of, 'I wish we would have.' Because now we've got all the memories, we've got all the blogs, we've got the trips and the stories instead of wondering what it might have been like."

Jessica explains, "We talked a lot. It was just really cool, it was another of our sports related bonding."

Jessica thought the husker hang time was cool, but I get the feeling dad appreciated it even more than she did, "I'm lucky that she still thinks I'm cool enough to hang out with.

And for the record, Nebraska officially has 24 athletic programs, but neither sand volleyball or the men's golf team had a home event so the Baker's ended up witnessing the other 22 teams in person.