Lance's Journal: "The Gospel Mime" April 18, 2014

Even before Chris Pladsen enrolled at Concordia University last fall, he had a dream of bringing "The Gospel Mime" to Seward.

Chris grew up near Cedar Rapids, Iowa and for each of the past 4 years, his family told the Easter Story at church...without using words...and with very few props.

The mime is set to contemporary Christian music that was hand-picked by this very talented 18 year old director. Chris exclaims, "It's just the word of God without words."

Chris is excited about bringing something completely new to the Concordia campus, "It's a new way of seeing the Gospel...not necessarily hearing it."

In this production, Jesus and his followers wear white face paint, while those who are following Satan's lead wear red and black face paint.

Chris and his family once performed the mime on a mission trip in Minneapolis, "We had other Arabic families that had never heard the story and they came to the mime and they came up to us and they told us, 'I believe now,' that is the best words you could ever hear."

Rehema Kavugha is Concordia's director of student development and she thinks Chris's word free show is a perfect fit, "I think it's really unique. I mean you have music that's going on, I think it allows for a sense of meditation. One of our chief goals as a university is to spread the Gospel of Christ and especially during this Holy Week."

Grace Stange, from Lawrenceburg, Indiana, plays the role of Satan, "It's been very interesting, it's been very different and playing opposite of Jesus is conflicting because you kind of want to support him, you want to make him great. It's through this contrast of good and evil that we really see how beautiful he is."

Chris is an art education major and next year as a sophomore, he would like to present "The Gospel Mime" once again in 2015.