Lance's Journal: The Leadership Skills of Tom Osborne, Nov. 14

Pat Williams is widely known as a leadership expert. As a co-founder of the NBA''s Orlando Magic, he's been around a lot of great leaders. None of them having a more profound impact than Nebraska's own Tom Osborne.

Most Nebraskans will agree that Coach Osborne will go down as one of the all-time great leaders in the history of the Cornhusker State.

After 50 years of service to Nebraska, it's no secret that this Hastings native has been a model coach and citizen.

Williams was so impressed with Coach Osborne and his leadership skills, he decided to write a book.

Osborne says he always took a very personal approach to leading his players, "We cared about the players and I think they understood that. Whether they were first-team, second-team, third-team, fourth-team...we cared about their health we cared about their education, we cared about their families. Over time they're going to understand whether you really care or not."

Williams says has written 70 books, the latest is entitled "Tom Osborne on Leadership: Life Lessons from a Three-Time National Championship Coach. "We interviewed countless dozens for this book. There's so much to learn from Coach Osborne about this whole issue of leadership," proclaims Williams.

To get a true sense of the lasting legacy of Coach Osborne from the Nebraska perspective, Williams teamed up with Husker Football aficionado Mike Babcock to write this book. Pat says football fans will love it and individuals with any type of leadership role will benefit immeasurably by reading, "Tom Osborne on Leadership."