Lance's Journal: The Magic of a Big Red Pep Rally at Misty's, Nov. 19

Call it the magic of Misty's. For more than 3 decades, Big Red football fanatics have made it a pre-game ritual.

It's one of the most power-packed pep rallies in the Capital City and hundreds of Husker fans couldn't imagine heading into gameday without the Friday night frenzy in Havelock.

Jason Danner proclaims, "Comin' out to Misty's the night before a home game is just a way to kind of encapsulate and experience a Husker weekend all in one. The pageantry and excitement is in the air."

Danner has been a Misty's pep rally regular since the 90's, "I try not to miss 'em because it's an absolute blast. It's a special time."

"This is the only place you can see this kind of spirit is at Misty's," says Steve Swanson. His pre-game ritual has included Misty's for more than 30 years, "We've got 18 people here to show 'em what Nebraska is all about about. The tradition is on the walls, it's on the ceiling. It's on the football helmets, everything that's been here for 30 years is right here in this place, you cannot find it anywhere else but here."

In addition to their appearance at Misty's in Havelock, another group of Husker band members makes an appearance at Grandmother's Restaurant at 70th and a on the nights before Nebraska home games.

The grandmother's tradition has now been going on for 13 years.