Lance's Journal: The McClellan Singing Sisters, Mar. 4

Tim and Judy McClellan of Adams admit, they're not very musical. What's so surprising is the two have five daughters who were all born with beautiful voices. They call it...divine intervention.

It all got started 15 years ago when the oldest McClellan daughter, Samantha, was asked to sing at a nursing home in Firth.

It went over so well that Samantha and her younger sisters were asked to sing at more and more events throughout southeast Nebraska in the following years.

Samantha has since gotten married and moved on, but her four younger siblings continue to expand and grow their group and they are all hoping to make this a life-long career.

This is what happens when four voices converge for a single purpose. Kimberly says, "I believe this is what we were called to do. We were called to sing and minister through music. I couldn't imagine doing anything else. It's a lot of hard work because we do a lot of practicing but, to do it with my sisters, it's awesome."

Tiffany says, "It kind of was a hobby, just something we did, but in the last 5 years we've been trying to take it more as a career."

Kimberly adds, "When we first started we did only nursing homes and only volunteer events. Now we've grown out of that and our focus is more on churches, community events, we're doing several county fairs, we always do the Nebraska State Fair."

The McClellan Singing Sisters average about 125 events per year.

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