Lance's Journal: "Through These Gates" Film, Oct. 18, 2013

Ryan Tweedy was born and raised right here in Lincoln. After graduating from Lincoln High and Wayne State, Ryan decided to embark on a free-lance film editing career that eventually landed him in Los Angeles.

Despite living in California, his love for his beloved husker football program grew greater and greater.

It's that unbridled passion that inspired the making of this film.

Ryan says he got started with a hundred bucks in his pocket and some borrowed film equipment, "I remember there were nights where I'd go to bed at one in the morning and I'd lay in bed for 30 minutes and I'd think of something and I'd edit until four in the morning. It was an addiction."

When it came time to title his film the answer for Ryan was obvious, he found it at Memorial Stadium. He found it written on the wall over the gate 20 doorways. The words proudly proclaim that "THROUGH THESE GATES pass the greatest fans in college football." It was perfect because at the very heart of Ryan's film, it's less about the actual game of football and more about the people of Nebraska, "I love people. Anybody can watch a movie or a TV show or whatever about football. But people, that's where the real story is."

Ryan shared his film called, "Through These Gates" with a gymnasium full of husker fans in Scribner this past week. And there are many more chances for you to see a screening of the film.

Ryan is currently in the process of screening his film literally from coast to coast.

Friday night he's in Seattle, Saturday his film debuts in Portland, Sunday he's showing it in San Jose and he's back in Papillion on Monday.

After 35 showings, Ryan and his promoter Dave Max of are about half-way through their very aggressive 3-month screening schedule.

To see a full listing of future screenings go to

And to purchase a DVD copy of the film after November 1st go to ...