Lance's Journal: Valuable Artifacts Return to No. Platte, Apr. 25, 2014

The people of North Platte take a lot of pride in being the home of Buffalo Bill Cody.

So it stands to reason that they are very happy to see a broad array of irreplaceable pieces of Buffalo Bill's personal collection find their way back to North Platte.

It was billed as, "the largest collection of personal family photographs of Buffalo Bill ever to come to the auction block."

Buffalo Bill's great grand-daughter was ready to sell off an incredible collection of memorabilia that had been in the family for more than a century.

And fortunately, a fair share of it returned to Buffalo Bill's hometown.

Everywhere you look in North Platte, the legend of Buffalo Bill is alive and well.

Jim Griffin is the Director/Curator of the Lincoln County Historical Museum and he says, "It's a once in a lifetime chance to bring Buffalo Bill memorabilia and artifacts back to North Platte."

Thanks to donations, Jim had about $16,000 to spend during the online auction in January, "People here in North Platte care so much about preserving Buffalo Bill's legacy. As a curator and a historian, it was huge because any chance you can get to preserve some of the history it in the actual spot that it took place is paramount to really telling the story."

Jim says a $2,000 hand signed lithograph is one the most prized new possessions acquired from the auction, "To be able to bring this back to North Platte is really important because this lithograph portrays a time when he was living here in North Platte."

Over at Buffalo Bill's ranch, Superintendent Jason Tonsfeldt is elated to reacquire a $2,100 buffalo head mirror, "It's extremely exciting for us and very important that we were to get this mirror because it was original to the house and then it left and now after years and years we were able to get it back and we're just thrilled to have it here. Everybody was just so happy that a lot of this Buffalo Bill memorabilia could come back to North Platte."