Lance's Journal: A Washington, D.C. Congressional Tradition, May 16

Nebraskans are fortunate. They have as much or more access to their congressmen than any other state in the nation. There's a long-standing tradition that allows Nebraskans to meet with their representatives in D.C.

It's called the Nebraska Congressional Breakfast. Every Wednesday morning that congress is in session, Nebraskans visiting the nation's capital can meet and visit with their congressional delegation.The Nebraska breakfast is the oldest on-going gathering of it's kind on Capitol Hill.

The Nebraska breakfast originated in 1943 and as one of the five Nebraska congressmen, Representative Jeff Fortenberry has a great respect for the history of this event, "Well, it's a wonderful tradition. Not only do we get to see people that are visiting here. They get a chance to tell the entire delegation what's on their mind, even if it's a family vacation. So this has gone on for decades and I believe we're in our 68th year of doing this so it's a wonderful Nebraska tradition."

Duane Kristensen of Minden has been visiting Washington, D.C. since he was 15 years old and over the past 40 years he has attended many of the Nebraska Wednesday morning gatherings and he knows for a fact that constituents from almost every other state are jealous of the opportunity that Nebraskans get to meet with their representatives here in Washington, "There is nothing else like this Nebraska Breakfast. No other states have this interaction. Nebraskans are very fortunate to have such close representation and availability to talk to their representatives."

If you're in Washington while congress is in session and you'd like to join some of your fellow Nebraskans at the Wednesday morning breakfasts, the process is simple.

Just call the office of anyone of the five Nebraska representatives and they'll make sure to take your reservation.