Lance's Journal: Lincoln Dancers Follow Rockette to New York City

Stephanie Chase fulfilled a childhood dream at the age of 30. She became a Radio City Music Hall Rockette back in 1985 and this week she takes one of her dance groups back to visit her Broadway roots.

Start spreading the news, Stephanie is leaving for the Big Apple and the Director of Dance at Madonna Proactive in Lincoln is taking with her an excited group of what she calls her "seasoned" dancers.

Stephanie's tap dancing troupe is made up of women in their 50's and 60's and she's preparing her dancers for the performance of a lifetime, "It's all meant to be and it's going to be the most incredible special time that we're going to have together."

Stephanie is one of ten former Rockettes that were chosen to bring a group of dancers back to NYC for the first annual Rockette Gala, "It's beyond being special. There'll be current Rockettes in the audience and then a lot of my dear friends that I was in the line with will be there."

This Bellevue, Nebraska native had the time of her life from 1985 to 1997. She spent 12 incredible years as a Rockette, "It was a dream come true but being from the Midwest was that much more special because back in that day most of them were from the east coast, there weren't a lot of girls from anywhere else."

Marleen Rickertsen and her fellow dancers are not only fired up their trip, theyr'e, "Pretty darned fired up.We have been for a long time. This is like a dream, you can't imagine that we come from Nebraska and we can go and dance at a Rockette Foundation Gala, so it's great, and we thank Stephanie, she's great."

The New York trip includes sight seeing on Thursday and Friday. There's a dress rehearsal on Saturday and then the main event take place on Sunday.