Lance's Journal: Miss America Retrospective, Apr. 9

When Teresa Scanlan was crowned Miss America 2011, she became the youngest woman to wear the crown in more than 70 years. She also became the very first Nebraskan to become Miss America.

Teresa grew up the middle child of seven and was homeschooled until her senior year of high school. It's surprising to learn that she was just 17 years old when she was crowned Miss America...until you sit down and talk with her.

This articulate young lady knows how to handle herself and her Cornhusker charisma charmed America as she proudly wore the crown in 2011.

America knows her as Teresa, but her family and friends know her as Teesh...the girl of many talents.

When Teresa reminisces about her 365 days wearing the crown, some pretty noteworthy numbers come to mind, "It was about 150 thousand miles that I traveled, 37 states that I visited, 5 countries, 8 marriage proposals, countless pictures and autographs."

Teresa says she's been itching to get back to school and this fall she will do as she studies government at Patrick Henry College near Washington, D.C.

She plans to attend Harvard Law School and then come back to Nebraska to go into criminal prosecution.

Teresa's end goal is to go into politics and make a run to become the President of the United States in 2028.