Lance's Journal: The Lincoln City Jugglers Impress Crowds, May 2

If you've wandered through Antelope Park in Lincoln during the summer you've probably seen them. They're the Lincoln City Jugglers and they've been turning heads in the Capital City for the past 30 years. Chad Lunders has been juggling for 10 years, "I basically taught myself and once I got involved with the Lincoln City Jugglers I learned a lot of new things." For talented people like Chad, it isn't enough to just stand and juggle. He balances on a metal pipe just to make it interesting. It's a rare talent and a jaw dropper for fans of all ages, "Your brain has to do two different things at the same time you've got to keep both things separately so they both become second nature." Charles Leslie has been hooked on juggling since 2004, "It's great recreation and you meet some of the most interesting people around. You get to travel and people come from all over with the strangest talents you ever seen." Rick Prevett is one of the original members of the Lincoln City Jugglers, "If you can throw and catch a ball you can do this. It's not that hard. It's very good for the hand-eye coordination, it's very good for if you want to get out and talk to people look, look, I'm talking to a news guy. It's a very social kind of sport."

If you have dreams of becoming a juggler, Rick says come on down and join the club. During the summer, the Lincoln City Jugglers get together every Wednesday and Sunday night at Antelope Park from 6 o'clock until dark. It's easy to see, these guys have a real passion for juggling and they enjoy sharing it with others, so head on out to Antelope Park this summer and see if you have what it takes!