Lance's Journal: Waverly's Barrier Breaker, Apr. 18

Hannah Goodban knows no boundaries. She was never supposed to walk or talk or go to a normal school. Doctors put limits on what she would be capable of achieving. But Hannah has never stopped believing in herself.

She has one life to live and she's going to make the most of it.

Hannah has lived with cerebral palsy all of her 17 years. Yes, it's a challenge but no, it hasn't stopped her from dreaming.

Hannah's parents have always proudly encouraged their determined daughter. Hannah's mother Becky says, "Anytime someone has told her no or you can't do that she's always found a way to prove them wrong. She's just very, very determined."

Blake Tobey is the Waverly Speech Team coach. He says Hannah's self-motivation in her rookie year made a profound impact and him and her teammates, "I think it brings a lot of passion to the team to know that we've all got busy schedules, we've all got. We've all got things that we need to overcome but Hannah's got that extra step that she has to overcome and she does that on a consistent basis."

Co-captain Jana Wentzel says having Hannah on the team this year has been a blessing, "She's a junior and she finally joined speech team and I've seen such a difference in her and the team as a whole. Her confidence and self-esteem has just sky-rocketed and she definitely added a new dynamic to the team and we're so happy to have her on the team this year and for next year."

Hannah's father Rob says, "I've enjoyed watching her prove hundreds and thousands of people wrong each day, I mean she's a barrier breaker. She's cut paths for kids that are in the same situation as she is."

In her very first speech of the season, Hannah ended up second in her round and her coach says that amped her up and made her believe that she could be successful on the speech team.
In fact, Coach Tobey is proud to report that Hannah made dramatic improvement from week to week all season long.Inspiring.