Landlords Learn Fire Safety Advice

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Lincoln fire inspectors say more than 80-percent of fire deaths occur in homes with no alarm or a non-functioning alarm.

Landlords in Lincoln learned valuable information designed to save their building and possible a tenant's life.

Fire inspectors say it's essential to train landlords because they own a lot of the property in the city which in turn can help prevent a fire that may ignite near you.

"It's important for me to keep my tenants safe, and the community as a whole and the fire alarms are a big part of that," said landlord Bette Werts.
Werts is a new landlord, she owns seven properties in Lincoln. She says even in the short time of being a landlord she's had to deal with fires.

"We actually did have a small fire in the basement of one of the duplexes, no damage. It was a duplex so the other tenant smelled the smoke so the fire alarm did not go off," said Werts.

Lincoln fire inspector Rick Campos says teaching these landlords is a necessity because they own the properties where thousands of Nebraskans live.

"Educate the landlords because there is a constant turnover of tenants of students, to people buying their own houses or moving to different parts of the town. So the constant one denominator would be the landlord in this situation," said Campos.

The main concern Campos says is making sure those smoke detectors are working properly. "A lot of times we go out and the smoke detectors are disconnected or the batteries are missing and I can't count the number of times, but one time is one too many."

Something Werts knows too well.

"Early notification is huge so those fire alarms are very important," said Werts.

At the end of the class, each of the landlords received a free smoke detector.