Large Cat Spotted Roaming in Lincoln

Kirsten Confer was driving near 66th and Vine on Thursday, when she saw something out of the ordinary.

"I looked to my right, and there was a cat," said Confer, "and it kind of looked like... I thought maybe it was a bobcat."

The cat was bigger than an average house cat.

"I guess I was kind of freaking out. It looked way too big to be something that should have been just wandering around town."

She reported it to police and snapped a photo.

John Chapo, president of the Lincoln Children's Zoo says the cat is a stray bengal cat.

"A bengal cat is a domesticated hybrid," said Chapo. "Several generations ago, it was maybe bred with some wild cat."

He says the cat, which looks as if it could be a mix between a leopard an a house cat, isn't a threat.

"Animal control says they're aware. They're just treating it as a stray cat in the neighborhood."

However, it still isn't wise to approach this stray - or any other wild animal.

"It's no more dangerous than a house cat, but anyone should be cautious of a stray animal they don't know," said Chapo.