Large Cat Spotted Roaming in Lincoln

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Kirsten Confer was driving near 66th and Vine on Thursday, when she saw something out of the ordinary.

"I looked to my right, and there was a cat," said Confer, "and it kind of looked like... I thought maybe it was a bobcat."

The cat was bigger than an average house cat.

"I guess I was kind of freaking out. It looked way too big to be something that should have been just wandering around town."

She reported it to police and snapped a photo.

John Chapo, president of the Lincoln Children's Zoo says the cat is a stray bengal cat.

"A bengal cat is a domesticated hybrid," said Chapo. "Several generations ago, it was maybe bred with some wild cat."

He says the cat, which looks as if it could be a mix between a leopard an a house cat, isn't a threat.

"Animal control says they're aware. They're just treating it as a stray cat in the neighborhood."

However, it still isn't wise to approach this stray - or any other wild animal.

"It's no more dangerous than a house cat, but anyone should be cautious of a stray animal they don't know," said Chapo.

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