Laserfest Comes to Mueller Planetarium

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Cellophane flowers of yellow and green, towering over your head. All in the form of lasers.

Lincoln's Mueller Planetarium is be transformed in to a laserium for one weekend. It's sure to be a spectacular display of light and sound of cosmic proportions!

"These are the most elaborate laser shows we've ever done because we have more than one laser operating," Planetarium Coordinator Jack Dunn said.

It may be the grandest smoke and mirror show Lincoln has seen. Lasers just off of some of the biggest shows in the nation, utilizing some of the latest technology, will take you on a musical and colorful journey."

"It is a show that you will not see this kind of color, you wont see this many lasers in a planetarium that I know of," Dunn said.

Five lasers seamlessly choreographed to the music of The Beatles, Pink Floyd and top county stars. Behind the scenes, more complicated than is looks.

"We use computers to control the lasers, not just for the beams but for the images you want to choreograph to go with the music," Dunn said.

Mueller had lasers for over 25 years, until their projector burned out. Dunn is hoping this show will grow the planetarium's audience.

"I think it's a terrific thing for the planetarium in that it expands our horizons to get people to come back to the planetarium who maybe haven't been here in a while," Dunn said.

Dunn says to get your ticket and arrive early or you may be left behind while others journey to the dark side of the moon.