Friday is the Last Day to Register to Vote

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Nebraska citizens who want to vote in the Nov. 6 general election, and have not registered yet, have until Friday at 6 p.m. to register in person at county election offices.

"Anyone that is going to be registered to vote and to be able to vote in the upcoming election, it has to be completed by the second Friday before the election," said David Shively, Election Commissioner.

If you're planning to vote in Lancaster County, you can stop into the Election Commissioner's Office at 601 N 46th Street. All you need is your drivers license.

"It is a really simple process for us. You come in, we'll ask you your name and your address. If you have a Nebraska drivers license, we'll try to gather that number from you as well although that's not required," he said.

If that's too far to travel, there will be other locations in Lincoln where you can register-- available Friday only.

"We have four grocery stores-- kind of on the outskirts of Lincoln. We try to get in all quadrants of Lincoln."

The locations are as follows:

Russ's market - 3:00 p.M. - 6:00 p.M.
33rd Street and Highway 2

Super saver - 3:00 p.M. - 6:00 p.M.
27th Street and Cornhusker Highway

Russ's market - 3:00 p.M. - 6:00 p.M.
West A street and Coddington Avenue

Russ's market - 3:00 p.M. - 6:00 p.M.
70th and Van Dorn Streets

Secretary of State John Gale says mail-in voter registrations should already be turned in to count. They had to be postmarked by Oct. 19.

Gale reminds people to update their voter registration if they have moved within a county, since this will save them time when they go to the polls.

The secretary of state’s website ( provides detailed information regarding the registration process. The website includes a voter registration form, addresses and phone numbers for county election offices, and a look-up tool that allows voters to verify their registration status.

“Take the time now to register to vote so you don’t miss out in casting a ballot in the November election,” Gale added.