Last Minute Christmas Shoppers Flood Mall

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Nick Herra said Christmas sneaked up on him this year. This forced him to Gateway Mall for last-minute shopping.

"I've been busy with projects so this is the last chance I have before Christmas," said Herra.

But he's not too upset about waiting until the day before Christmas.
Even though he waited, he still found some great gifts.

"I've been looking through the mall," he said, "and I found this awesome picture of Bo Pelini doing what he does best-- which is yelling at a referee."

Many others were in the same situation on Christmas Eve. The mall was full of people, struggling to tie up any loose ends.

Like Sophia Fahleson, who was shopping with her family on Monday.

"I'm just shopping for my sisters," said Fahleson, "and getting their presents."

"Lots of people are sick in our family too," said her sister Grace, "and we never had any time to get our presents."

Even though last minute shopping isn't usually planned, mall employees expect a mad rush at this time every year.

"You can tell it's the last minute people that are out here today," said one mall employee, "finding the little things for stocking stuffers and stuff."

However, the mall is closed on Christmas day, along with Target, Walmart and Best Buy so last minute shopping is getting tougher and tougher.