Lawmakers Propose 'Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act'

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Gun control. It's been a hot button issue for years. Now, the recent movie theatre massacre in Colorado prompted some federal lawmakers to take political advantage of the situation.

The purpose of this proposed bill: preventing people from buying bulk ammunition online and in the mail. Some dealers in Lincoln feel this move would infringe on American's rights.

The proposed bill would require a photo ID for any ammunition purchases; completely ruling out online and mail sales. Dealers would also have to report a sale of more than 1,000 rounds which local dealers say isn't an unusual amount.

"There's a lot of people, on a long weekend of target shooting or predator shooting, they could easily burn up to a thousand rounds," said Travis Frerking, Owner of Frerking Custom Works.

"They shoot a lot, they buy a case of ammunition. It's not a large, exceeding amount. A box of 22 rounds is sold in a case of 500 and that's the most prevalent type shot in America today," said Craig Schnieder, Instructor at Thunder Alley.

Dealers say this bill would push more people towards buying a gun.

"The government is creating this crisis themselves. A lot of people have been ambivalent towards it and now they're getting off the fence and saying 'I'm going to do it'," Schnieder said.

With Nebraska's hunting season starting in a few months, a bill like this could make their hobby more expensive.

"I think hunters in general will be affected by it. It's one more rule or ban we'll have to jump around just so we can keep our second amendment rights," Frerking said.

The bill, as is, has some loop holes. It wouldn't prevent a person from stocking up at multiple stores in one day.