Lawn Ornament Business Sparks Conversation

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When the weather gets nice more people go outside to take in the fresh air, but for one retired Nebraska couple it means it's time for their business to take to the streets.

When spring is in the air in Western Nebraska and there is a slight breeze chances are you may see color in the far distance.

Take a closer look around a busy street corner and you might see a much bigger display in the form of lawn ornaments.

"Well they are made out of kite material and they're UV stable," said Richard Hood Owner of Kites-N-More.

They're colorful and entertaining.

"You meet a lot of interesting people I guess," said Hood.

For Richard and his wife Charlette it's a way to get out and enjoy retired life and make some money on the side.

"Oh yeah we've done pretty good today," said Hood.

They have been in business for a little over a year.

"I'm the head janitor and she's the boss," commented Richard.

They're two Nebraskans from Lewellen traveling around the area and selling lawn ornaments.

"It's just something else to do," said Hood.

Hood says it keeps them busy.

When they set up their display it's the color that seems to draw people in.

"We were set up in Broken Bow and we sold them to people from seven states and another country in one day," said Hood.

From their the conversation begins and people ask what else do you have and what are you doing?

"We still got little stuff at home cows and stuff so," said Richard.

For now they are traveling Western Nebraska enjoying the conversation their lawn ornament business sparks with many people.