Lawsuit Challenges Nebraska's Pipeline Review Law

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Opponents of a Canadian crude oil pipeline have made good on their threat to challenge Nebraska's new pipeline siting law in court.

On Thursday afternoon, opponents of the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline formally announced, on the steps of the Capitol, their 13 page lawsuit that basically charges that LB 1161 is unconstitutional.

LB 1161, passed recently by the Nebraska Legislature, essentially jump-starts the review process of the pipeline.

The Department of Environmental Quality is overseeing the review.

Opponents have filed suit, naming the Governor, among others, as one of the Defendants.

Opponents think the review process is flawed and also have a beef with the issue of eminent domain. They hope the Nebraska Supreme Court will hear their lawsuit.

The Attorney General's office will be representing the State.

There's no guarantee the Nebraska Supreme Court will hear the case.

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