Leaked GIPD Memo Has Parents Upset

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An internal e-mail made public has some Grand Island parents worried and looking for more information.

The Grand Island Police Department says an internal intelligence memo about a suspicious person was not meant for the public, but the e-mail has made it onto the screens and into the hands of many.

The memo says an individual that has been known to watch and approach children in the northwest Grand Island area was spotted in that area again earlier this month.

Parents have been sounding off on GIPD's Facebook page saying they want more information. People Nebraska Central News spoke with at George Park in northwest GI agree.

"To me the most important priority is the protection of the kids and whatever it takes to keep the kids protected, to me that's the most important aspect of all," says grandparent Craig Olsen.

But in a statement GIPD says the information wasn't meant for the public because "The individual named in the email is not a suspect in any Grand Island Police Department reported offenses."

The name of the individual and a vehicle description were leaked in the e-mail and a photo has since gone viral.

NCN is not releasing the person's name, but a search for it on the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry revealed nothing.

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