Lengthy Response Times for Deputies

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- The Lancaster Sheriff Department patrols over a large area, a total of 847 square miles.

Captain Ben Houchin says often times there are four deputies on duty, per shift. This means that it requires team work to ensure that deputies can respond to anytime of situation as fast as possible.

Though, deputies say it can take up to fifteen to twenty minutes from the moment they get the call, to the time they arrive on the scene.

The Sheriff department makes sure when there’s an emergency or urgent call, deputies have numbers to back them up.

“Our 911 dispatch does an excellent job to make sure that two deputies are assigned to a call,” said Houchin.

If and when a deputy does get delayed for something beyond his control, another deputy can get there and start resolving the problem. It may take extra time, but the captain says it’s for the safety of the people.

“We don’t want to put a time restraint on them, because of the distance they have to travel, said Houchin, “I don’t want deputies to be driving faster than they need to."

With the only a few deputies and one sergeant on duty, they rely on other departments like Nebraska State Patrol and Lincoln Police Department for help.

“This week we were working on a daytime burglary and LPD was involved, NSP was involved. We were using resources from all of them.”

Captain Ben Houchin says communication and team work with other departments is critical to any emergency.