Let the Bond Projects Begin

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- The excitement of the bond passing continued at the LPS district offices Wednesday.

Now that it has passed, the district can now move forward with all of the projects.

LPS staff held a press conference Wednesday morning to discuss time frames for start and completion dates of each project.

Superintendent Steve Joel says technology and security upgrades should be finished by Fall 2015.

The new elementary school will be complete by Fall 2016. The new middle school is the last of the projects and should be completed by Fall 2017.

West Lincoln Elementary is one school that will see great improvements. The bond will allow them to address the overcrowding issue they are battling.

It will also allow them to remove eight portable classrooms that have been in place since 1990.

Joel and other LPS staff members took the time again during the press conference to thank all of the voters for their support.