Nebraska According to Wayne Brady: Elves, Unicorns & Cornhuskers

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Below is Chad Silber's 1-on-1 interview with Let's Make a Deal host Wayne Brady.

So what's it like being Wayne Brady?
"That's a pretty big question because it's so simple, I work hard and it's fun. Not everyone can say they've been on TV consecutively for 13 or 14 years, always doing a show, always doing what I love, being able to tour or release a record, or host a great show like Let's Make a Deal that is a part of Americana. So I'd say it's pretty good to be me."

What's the best part of doing this show?
"Best part of this show is changing lives. At the end of the day, it's just a TV show but we are giving away money. We are giving them cars, cruises, dining room tables, bedroom sets, luxury jewelry. We give away so many things to the average person. We give you things you couldn't get for yourself and in some cases giving you the money that your job doesn't give you. That's the cool part, being able to give."

It's the first time I've ever sat in on a taping of this show, the amount of work, the teamwork that goes into it, people don't get to see that on TV.
"It's not my show, it's our show. Everyone you see on camera, to my voice announcer, to my keyboardist, gorgeous Tiffany Coyne, you don't see the grips, all the crew guys moving boxes, you don't see them opening curtains, you don't see our prize department working tirelessly to get us these amazing gifts, you don't see our staging manager, the lighting and sound guys. At the end of the day they make it seem like it's 'welcome, come into the party'. It's tough but so rewarding, We're into our 5th season so it's amazing that America is just catching on. It makes me very happy."

What do you think Nebraska is like?
"I think that's the place where the last unicorns gather. Every year there is a unicorn wrestling rodeo. It's pretty much just elves and Cornhuskers. They gather, they rope the unicorns and they turn the unicorns into cakes.That's just what I've heard, I'm from Orlando, Florida. That's what I was told. (laughs). When I come (to Lincoln) I'm riding a unicorn. You heard it here first! Knowing now from you how much love Let's Make a Deal gets in Lincoln, I think Jonathan, Cat, Tiffany and myself are going to get on a plane and we're going to come do a little improvisation.

Everyone knows you're one of the funniest guys in entertainment. Are there any other talents that you have?
"I am a licensed chiropractor, No that's a joke. The answer is no, this is what I do. Some people juggle, some people save lives, some people fly. God gave me certain gifts. This is it. There is no Plan B. I don't do other things, I do this, and I hope I do it well."

You and Jonathan Mangum have a great chemistry, how do you make that happen?
"Jonathan is a very interesting case. He was living in a home for runaway, wayward boys. I found him, taught him the art of improvisation, even though he is 18 years older than I am, even though I was mentoring him, I gave him a job on TV, the rest is history (laughs). Jonathan and I, our chemistry comes from knowing each other for many years. I've known him since I was 19. I think it's because we think in a very similar fashion. We cover different grounds. Especially doing improv, you don't want to be on stage with people who are necessarily like you; you want to be with people who fill in the blanks and Jonathan is incredibly bright. He knows a lot about politics. I know a ton about pop culture, a lot of world history, just random things. That's why we work so well on stage because it never gets old. There's some things where we know where we're going, but we have such a great time doing it, on stage and camaraderie off camera."