Lincoln Cab Driver: Not Very Concerned About Robberies

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- He calls himself "Flash."

"I've worked for every cab company in town," he said.

With eight years of taxi cab driving experience, Flash says he knows how to show his customers a good time. But when it comes to safety, there's nothing he takes more seriously.

"If you're going into a neighborhood that's a little bit sketchy you call ahead," he said. "You somehow get a disconnected number or something like that you just don't go after that call."

In the wake of two taxi cab robberies this week, Flash says he doesn't understand why someone would risk going to prison for an uncertain amount of cash.

"Taking that kind of risk is a special kind of stupid," he said.

While it's certainly not the smartest way to get money, Flash says it could happen to anyone, including him. And while he would not say what he's prepared to do in that situation for safety reasons, he says he's got bigger concerns.

"My number one fear isn't getting robbed, it's something more common and it's picking up someone who's drank too much and throws up in your cab," he said.

Police will not says if the two crimes are related, only that robberies of cab drivers are rare.