Lincoln City Council Approves Alcohol Sales at Grand Theatre

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People like Jeff Marks were fired up Monday Afternoon.

"The City of Lincoln is being lured by alcohol. Alcohol interests and people who want to make money based on alcohol," said Lincoln Resident Jeff Marks.

Another reason for residents disapproval of alcohol sales at the Grand Theatre was the fact that it would violate a 65 year old ordinance that forbids minors from being around alcohol in a public setting after 9pm.

"I don't think the city should be making changes in policy or ordinances," said Marks.

Despite objections, council members decided to approve the sales in a 5-2 vote.

Citing the lack of a serious threat with these sales and the fact that the ordinance pertaining to minors around alcohol is loosely enforced. Leading some to feel that a revision to the ordinance is needed.

"Look to see how we can make that policy better, so that not only the Grand can operate but other establishments," said Lincoln City Council Member Trent Fellers.

"Marcus Theatre is not going to break the law, we're going to work with the city and make sure it's done right and brought up to current standards," said Grand Theatre Attorney Tim O'Neil.