Lincoln City Council To Vote On Re-Development of Piedmont Shopping Center

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In a quick discussion during the Lincoln City Council Meeting members presented a resolution that would bring over $5 million in renovations and 50 new jobs to the Piedmont Shopping Center.

"Has served the city well but is also very tired. It needs to be re-developed and we're glad a developer is going to do that and we expect great things," said Lincoln City Council Member Carl Eskridge.

Although council members are optimistic on what the upgrades could do for that area of town, they are aware of the opposition due to the fact that $757,000 of the city's tax funds are being used in the project.

"The fact that it's in a residential neighborhood, the fact that there have been some concerns previously," said Eskridge.

The vote will be on March 3 and the re-development upgrades will improve the plumbing, sewer, sidewalks and electrical.

Council Members are confident the money brought in through new business could tally up an extra $77,000 a year in sales tax.

"Hopefully it will attract new business, we expect restaurants and shops, things that will be great editions to the community," said Eskridge.