Update: Lincoln City Council Repeals Teenager Curfew Ordinance

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- In a unanimous vote Monday the Lincoln City Council repealed the teenage curfew ordinance.

A Lincoln ordinance, that was set back in 1949, said children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent to be in these alcohol establishments after 9 p.m., but restaurant owners felt that as long as their employees are checking ID's and keeping a close eye on who is being served, that these young people are safe.

"If there's a group of young people that are questionable in age, we do check their ID and they're allowed to stay because we do have pool tables, shuffleboard, things like that," said Bar Owner, John Larsen.

On Monday the Lincoln City Council voted to repeal it altogether. Updating the ordinance to reflect the current practices in today's communities.

"It's representative of a time that was very different, when we didn't have all that many liquor licenses, liquor wasn't being served in most restaurants, certainly not in bowling alleys," said Lincoln City Council Member Carl Eskridge.

A change that some business owners said they don't have a problem with seeing dry up altogether.

"Since we haven't had any issues, I don't see any problem with taking it off the books," said Larsen.