Lincoln City Libraries Kickoff Awareness Campaign

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The Bennet Martin Library in Downtown Lincoln is where David Glass goes to catch up on some peaceful reading.

"The wide possibilities, thousands of options here and I have read hundreds of them," said Library Enthusiast David Glass.

He likes the feel of a book in his hand, but he also takes advantage of free computer labs which are available at any of the 9 Lincoln City Libraries.

"They're getting internet access that way, for a lot of people this is their only access to that kind of service," said Library Director Pat Leach.

With advancements in technology and the ways in which we consume information, libraries have adapted the way they provide these services to people who are on the move.

"A lot of people are reading books off of electronic devices, the library allows people to download E-Books, free of charge," said Leach.

In a city wide campaign to show what today's libraries have to offer, Lincoln City Libraries want to stress they still play an important role in the community.

"They're places where the community brings together their ideas, an intellectual playground of the community," said Brendan Evans.