Lincoln Considers Plans to Re-Vamp Busy Intersection

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Lincoln's Public Works Department says tens of thousands of cars make their way across a busy southwest Lincoln intersection each day.

In order to accommodate the increased traffic near the 14th Street, Warlick Blvd and Old Cheney Road intersection, the city is considering three different plans.

One of the options would likely require the relocation of a handful of nearby businesses. Lincoln Independent Business Association is speaking out against this option, stating that these businesses have worked hard to find local clientele, and this plan could be very costly to those impacted.

"The essential thing in growth is also creating balance. Yes, growth is going to mean expanding roads, changing roads, redesigning but we've got to balance that with the interests of current businesses that are there," said Ann Post of LIBA.

The city says the two other plans being considered would not require the businesses to relocate. Reasons for re-vamping the intersection include improving safety and minimizing congestion.