Lincoln Couple Finds Love Again

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You can say this story begins with love notes, but not the kind you write.

Joe Adamson and Jean Patoka have been dating for more than two years. The couple met at a social function at Grand Lodge at the Preserve retirement community.

“Joe was the bartender,” said Patoka, “and we met and he said, ‘You know we need to liven this crowd up.'”

Patoka taught music for years so when Adamson asked her to play his keyboard at the next social function, she obliged.

“She can play anything she’s ever heard in any key without notes,” said Adamson.

Adamson says this is a new chapter in his life. Both he and Patoka were previously married, and both of their spouses have since passed.

“We mourned, and now it's time for us to enjoy each others company," said Patoka.

The pair spends their time doing crosswords, playing bridge and going to movies. They go out to dinner often and even take in various cultural performances at the Lied Center.

“We see each other every day and usually have wine before dinner. [The relationship] has just kind of grown. It was a very nice friendship, and then a close friendship, and now we're very close.”

But, they’re not planning on getting married any time soon.

“Oh we talked about it,” said Adamson, “but no. Both of us have the feeling that at our age… neither of us wants to ever be a burden on the other."