Crime in Lincoln, A Year in Review

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Lincoln Police break their crime stats down into different categories, from homicide to forgery. They make these numbers available online.

At a quick glance, overall 2012 crime numbers are on par with 2011. In some categories, crime is even down. That could change, as December numbers aren't in yet.

2012 ended much in the same way it started, with a man assaulting another with a sword.

According to LPD's statistics, assault is slightly up from 2011. Violent crimes are about even with 2011's numbers. Lincoln saw four murders that year. 2012 matched that number.

Another crime Lincoln doesn't see much of his hate crimes. Police investigated one in 2012. We saw an out pouring from the gay and lesbian community. About a month later, we learned it was a hoax.

The Felony Lane Gang crashed into Lincoln in 2012. Police say the would try to cash stolen and forged checks. According to the stats, forgery is up by 42 percent.

Overall, theft is dropping. In 2012 we saw everything from diapers to priceless memorabilia stolen.

With the recent rash of broken car windows and destroyed mailboxes this month, it's hard to say if vandalism will be down in 2012.

The city of Lincoln releases a full report on crime in the city every year. That report will include December's crime statistics. We can expect the report in a few months.