Lincoln Families Living Below the Poverty Line

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Raising three kids while taking classes to become a teacher, Lincoln Resident Allison Poukune has her hands full.

"To be a full time student and parent is really hard, if it wasn't for the Center for People in Need, I don't know what I would do," said Poukune.

Allison and her kids live on less than $10,000 a year, for them and other Lincoln Families, the help they receive at the center helps them survive.

"Extremely hard for them to pay their bills, they cannot afford food and their basic necessities," said Beatty Brasch with the Center for People in Need.

Of the 1,200 plus people surveyed by the Center for People in Need, over 90 percent live in poverty, with nearly one fourth of those people making less than $500 a month.

"Could make a difference between whether they're homeless or not, whether they're able to pay their rent," said Brasch.

Just a year away from graduating with a teaching degree, Allison knows that the help she and her family are receiving right now is helping her onto the path of a brighter future.

"Single parents, students go through a lot and it's really hard, but if you come here they help you with anything," said Poukune.