Lincoln Family's Copper Sculpture Stolen

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Lincoln resident Chuck Clifford awoke to a surprise on Sunday morning.

"Saw that the ornamental part of our landscape architecture had been removed and was missing," said copper theft victim Chuck Clifford.

The sculpture, valued at well over $3,000 had been stripped Saturday overnight with thieves stealing the copper tubing off of the piece.

"I was sick. We made this as a feature of our son's graduation from Medical School in Kansas City," said Clifford.

Copper theft remains a problem across the state due to its high price of nearly $3 a pound. Clifford says what these thieves got away with pales in comparison to the value of the artwork.

"It's tough to believe that what little copper was in this sculpture itself had so much value that it's worth stealing," said Clifford.

Knowing criminals have struck once has this Lincoln Family considering taking precautions to protect themselves and their property in the future.

"I've never been a real believer in security systems in homes, but this has really changed my attitude that if you've got it, you like it, than you have to protect it," said Clifford.