Lincoln Fire and Rescue Try to Beat the Heat

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- If fighting fire isn't hot enough, imagine doing it in 100 lbs. of gear on a day that nearly reaches triple digits.

That was the harsh reality Lincoln Fire and Rescue faced Sunday.

"We often try to pace ourselves and keep ourselves hydrated throughout the day," said firefighter and EMT, Trent Borchers. "With all this stuff we have to wear we get very task oriented in doing things so when it all comes down to it we have to try to minimize all the stuff we do on the outside compared to the inside."

Fire crews make sure they drink plenty of water and take breaks as often as the job will allow them.

"Because of the heat of the day if there is something significant
we want to make sure we're giving our people enough rest and
rehabilitation as well because they're wearing all their equipment
in this hot weather," said Battalion Chief, Tim Linke.

Linke said if the resources are available, extra units will respond to emergency calls so that crews can give each other breaks.

Each fire engine has it's own 2-3 gallon water cooler which has to be shared between four firefighters. Borchers said it has to be refilled multiple times a day.

"We go through gallons of water on days like this," said Borchers. "You never really get used to something like this, but you definitely expect it if you live a few seasons in Nebraska."

Borchers adds on days like Sunday, losing 10 lbs. of weight isn't uncommon.