Lincoln Gas Station Burglar Has Unusual Disguise

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Dressed in camouflage and looking for cigarettes, the burglar in this case was on a nicotine mission. He broke into the Lincoln Shell gas station on North 27th Street early Tuesday morning.

Wearing blue latex gloves, police said he used a hatchet to smash through the door. He took $200 dollars worth of cigarettes and some air fresheners.

"The fact that they stole air fresheners makes us wonder did they steal it because they were trying to discourage a dog track or thought maybe it might cover up a dog track," said Erin Spilker, Lincoln Police Officer.

The store manager, who didn't want to be identified, is puzzled by the theft.

"Walked down the aisle specifically and took that one particular kind of air freshener which is the first time I've had anybody do that."

It's not just the air fresheners that make this story very unusual. It's what the suspect was wearing when he burglarized the gas station that also has Lincoln Police scratching their head.

"We're not sure from looking at the video if maybe he has some kind of disguise on his face whether it be the funny nose glasses or something like that," said Spilker.

He may have been wearing a Groucho Marx disguise. Mask or not, it's a type of crime that has the store manager fed up.

"It's very frustrating because most of the time it's me that has to wait up and clean up and make sure the door gets repaired because you can't leave the door open."

And as for getting back the stolen merchandise...

"You never actually recover your total losses. You just about have to write it off."

If you know anything about this case, call Crimestoppers at 475-3600.