Lincoln Holds National BMX Competition

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Dashing off the starting line, these young BMX Riders competed in one of the many races held during this weekend's Cornhusker Nationals BMX competition.

The classes of racers ranged from novice rider, who are 5 years and under, up to expert riders in their 40's.

These dedicated riders came to this national event from all over the country. Sunday, they told us some of the keys to fly around the race track.

"Get out of the gate well, get through the turns well. Get through the whole track well. Need to keep your momentum going throughout the whole track to carry your speed," said Expert Rider Seth Michalowski.

Seth is a 14 year old rider from Chicago who has been competing in BMX races since he was five years old. He says it's the thrill of competition that keeps him and others hitting the track.