Lincoln Hosts Division III Track & Field Championships

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In it's first year of not hosting the Boys State Basketball Tournament, the Bob Devany Sports Center was still filled with several hundred screaming fans who were able to watch some of the most talented track athletes from more than 140 Division 3 Schools across the country.

When Lincoln received the bid over a year ago, Nebraska Wesleyan officials like Ted Bulling went to work.

"We have 85 certified track officials that are working the meet, we also have about 250 volunteers. Everything from media to our Athletic Training Faculty," said Nebraska Wesleyan Track Coach Ted Bulling.

Welcoming in more than 500 athletes and accommodating for their fans was a big challenge, but Bulling knew that the Devany was the perfect venue to fill the events needs.

"The NCAA Division 3 has had some great championships in the past, but we knew that in this venue we have here with the seating and the track, it would be a great experience for the student athletes," said Bulling.

While these athletes compete for the highest awards in Division 3 Track and Field, it's businesses throughout Lincoln that also take home a victory this weekend.

"Fills up hotel rooms, restaurants, on top of the State Basketball Tournament, it's a busy weekend here in Lincoln," said Bulling.