Lincoln Man Back on His Feet After Paralyzing Disease

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When we met Ben Yelkin at the end of March, he was fighting against paralysis caused by Guillian Barre Syndrome.

Confined to a wheelchair and struggling to move, life was a daily challenge.

Ben says, "Things didn't improve that much. And then all of a sudden, in May things started to click."

Today, Ben is walking on his own just seven months after he was first diagnosed.

He's still in therapy at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital.

When he started to recover, Ben made a list of things he needed to do to get his life back to normal, like tying his shoes.

He started checking them off, one by one, step by step.

Ben says, "It gave me something to shoot for, something to try for. And there's still one thing on the list and that is to run for exercise."

Ben wants to check off that milestone next month.

He credits his enduring strength to his friends, family, and an important lesson, saying, "No matter what we have to face, we always have a choice in how we can respond to that. And so you can lie down and give up or you can really fight."

He fought and he's winning.

From a disease that struck without warning through total paralysis, Ben now has a second chance at life back on his feet.