Lincoln Man Helping Youth Realize Their Dreams

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Preston Harris played high school football in Lincoln before competing at the four-year level. He even attended the NFL Combine.

Harris' NFL aspirations didn't pan out but that wouldn't stop him from eventually returning to Lincoln and helping others realize their dreams.

Harris is the President and CEO of Men with Dreams, an organization dedicated to helping youth realize their potential.

"We want to get involved with whoever needs help," said Harris. "If there is a place where there are kids who have potential and they want someone to come in and motivate them then that's what we want to do."

Harris works with students at Culler Middle School and Lincoln North Star High School. He's most recently spent time with kids at a YMCA in Omaha.

"We know there are a lot of places that are struggling and if we don't invest in those areas they're never going to get better," said Harris. "We want to make sure when you get done with high school, when you get done with college, there's something that you can transition to that going to fulfill you that you're going to like going to work everyday."

Harris knows Danny Tucker, the man charged for the murder of Earl Richardson III. He says what happened to Richardson III may have been a result of there not being enough encouragement and opportunities for people when they graduate high school.

"If they knew what they liked, they knew exactly what they wanted to do in life, we'd have a better chance of people not getting in situations were they're going to hurt somebody or hurt themselves," said Harris. "I feel like so many young people go around life and they don't have any investment, they don't invest in anything that's going to benefit them down the road."

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